So the decision has been made, we’re going to Africa – the long way down!

It’s been a long time coming and the whole trip may of been put off until Jeanne got the good news about her kidneys. I know, probably more than anyone, that you’ve got to watch out for those kidneys! So without impediment we are full steam ahead, albeit a week or two behind the original schedule. And all of the original preparation and research was not in vain.

I even attended French lessons !! Which were a bit of fun I might add. Alors, mon Français n’est pas trop mal !

So, over the next few weeks alot must be done in preparation for our mammoth journey.

1. Hand in notice with my job – yahoo!!!! what a relief.
2. Move out of the apartment in Step-A-Side – will be sad to leave as it’s a cool apartment.
3. Get travel medication and insurance sorted.
4. Get one way flights sorted to Malaga – starting point.
5. Confirm the route with Jeanne – Pretty much done but needs finalisation – kinda…plans change.

It doesn’t seem like alot but there are alot of minor tasks in between that I’m sure will cause hassle and delays.

The route will be in the next post…