Well the flights are now booked….so no going back!!!

RyanAir – My FAVOURITE !!!! I hate flying with them…..Obnoxious, discourteous, esthetically painful plane interior, ugly “hostesses”, “priority” boarding ( that everyone has : so ipso facto, no priority !), no assigned seats and just a bloody nightmare to fly with. I’m extremely glad I will not be flying for a while.

…I suppose a RyanAir caliber flight might be welcome after a few months traveling in Africa!

Malaga and onwards is proving a little difficult to nail down where the bus station is, bus timetables, a decent (cheap) hotel for Algeciras ( ferry port ) and carrier and timetable for the fast ferry, but slowly the information is coming.

It seems to be likely that we’ll get the bus from Malaga to Algeciras, stay in Algeciras and get the ferry the next morn. Then onwards to Tangier and North Morocco. Tetouan possibly being the destination for that day and in the general direction of the Rif mountains and middle Atlas.