Almost there…nearly done…the packs are ready…and at 15KG each they seem alot heavier!

It’s scary to think that you can fit your whole life in a 45 litre pack. The amount of planning required has been incredible. We’ve battled a constant sense that something has been overlooked. Awaking with a start early each morning to tick the day’s list off. Clothes, tablets, insurance, bookings, ferries, flights, friends, drinks, phone calls, bills check check check…
But thankfully, it’s mostly done. Only pints and friends left…the best bit.

So its off down the pub to get a few pints in to say “see ye after!”. Repack tomorrow and make sure everything that’s not essential is removed. Have dinner with me Dad and have an argument for posterity’s sake. Put the rest of the stuff away into the attic and intrepidly drive to …..Cabinteely! Say SYA to Jeanne’s family and hit the airport early Tuesday morn.

So, with a sense of trepidation and uncertainty off we go. I suppose the next post you see here will be, I expect, from sunny Tetouan in Morocco.


p.s. nice one Fido for yer text….saying things only you know how to say FELLA !