I think that the above is going to be my new phrase for the year!!! We are not even in the Desert and it’s bleedin roasting!!!

The ferry to Tangier was rough to start with sick bags being handed out but thankfully didnt need them.  Then took a few hours to figure out the time difference between Spain and Morocco; but after waiting for a bus for yonks eventually figured it out.  The first town Tetouan in the middle of the Rif mountains was nothing to be excited about except for all the fruit and veg in the markets, you know me always thinking of my belly.

Today we arrived in a town called Chefcehouan about 2 hours south east of Tangier.  Laid back, hot and little to do and see but to chill out.  Takes time to adjust to doing nothing but little naps will sort that out. We’re here until Saturday and then oonto Fez and then all i want is a beach and some sand.

That’s it for today, thought i’d better write something or i’d be in trouble with the lot of you!