I’m not sure where to begin. There’s nothing reall to say about Mauritania. And the most worrysome thing was the fact that there was a coup d’etat the day before we left for the Mauritanian border…! It’s just desert really, a monotoneous monscape at best, peppered by rocks and the occasional camel and their herders. In the many hours spend driving down from Dakhla I resolved to writing down my thoughts as the broken French conversation lulled. So, rather than describing the desert, I’ll just post my thoughts..

Nothing !

“People seem to be always on the make. Our driver, Sidi, knows our travel situation and exploits it to its fullest extent. ( exchange rates, transport etc. ) Parched, Desolate with smoke like sand wisping across the asphalt. A suite in the Hotel Tayifa with a/c and a comfy bed. Not so friendly people. A definite sense of volatility and lawlessness. Landmines. Tuaregs’ tents. No man’s land at the frontier. A grey desert sky but still sunny! Mirage. Hungry. Tyres strewn on the roadside feel like putty to the touch from the heat. Baron. Corruption. A “cadeau” or present for the border guard – met with a choir of “No!”.”

The Lesser Spotted Desert Donkey !