The trip down from Nouakchott was expected to be more of the same; Desert. And for the most part it was. Insidiously the scrubland gave way to Acacia, then more and more grass but less and less sand. Then within a few minutes the landscape changed from parched and desolate to positively vibrant with greenery. Giant palms, acacias, savana, grassland and wetlands. The faces changed; darker, more friendly and far more chilled out. All of a sudden I really felt like Africa and not the mixed up North Africa. I instantaneously felt more relaxed. Plus the prospect of a cold beer had me licking my sunburnt lips in anticipation!

We found a hotel marked in the manual (lonley planet), checked in, gulped down a flag beer and pondered the days ahead looking out over the Senegal river. St. Louis has a wonderful laid back feel with colonial architecture gone to rack and ruin, sticky heat and cold beer. I’m already in love with Senegal – even if I’m here buta day!

Tomorrow we hit the Hotel Diamarek. Directly on the beach, with log cabins, azur blue seas, cold beer and (hopefuly) good seafood. I can’t wait. When I get a shot of it and St. Louis, I’ll post it to make you lot jealous!!!

Our "hut" on thebeach!

Our "hut" on the beach!

ps Obviously I’m enjoying the cold beer part as it’s been non existent in Mauritania and little or none in Western Sahara!!!