It seems that the national anthem here is : “Where are you going ?” And for some reason everyone asks it the same way. Sometimes I say Nairobi….just for the laugh. Especially to taxi drivers. (you can see them calculating the cost mentally and seeing huge dollar signs). For a month now I’ve been asked “where are you going ?” and have come to really like Ghana (I’m not going, I’m staying !). The people are really nice and very helpful. Traveling here has been easy enough but disappointing at times. Mole National Park was scuppered as transport there could not be arranged. Nor could we get to another park, Bui, for the same animal adventures. So, disappointed we headed for the coast. Knowing it would be cooler and breezy at least.

We eventually hit The Green Turtle Lodge 10km past Dixcove on the Gold Coast. A simply stunning hideout on the beach that boasted endangered Green & Ridleys Turtles laying eggs on the beach at night. And, of course, a hike down the beach was arranged. The Turtles obliged, thankfully! Very cool. That was the night we met Peter and Sabina. A craaaazy couple form Austria overlanding from Austria down the east coast and back up the west coast in their 322 Merc 4×4 truck (see pic). I was positively GREEN with envy and at any given chance was poking around the truck asking Peter a barrage of questions. We originally booked for 3 nights and ended up staying for 9 (especially since we could pick coconuts right from the trees and have them for lunch !!!). Sabina & Peter lending us their tent at one stage to sleep in on the white sands. We really enjoyed their company, and, from what we could tell, they ours. Many beers were had on the beach and they even cooked me snake fish and king fish for me birthday dinner. Top buzz….or as Peter’d say ” Big Fun!”.

They then very kindly offered to go with us up to Ankasa N.P. (previously cancelled trip) and camp in the bush in the hope of seeing some Forest Elephants and or Chimps. We went, riding high in the Merc cab waving to the local chappies along the way (where are you going ?) and I was loving every minute of it. Two weeks we basically spent together and we enjoyed every minute with them. So much so we are catching up again in Timbuktu for the Festival in the Desert in January. AND 4x4ing with the Merc into the desert !!!

I really feel we have finished on a high here especially overlanding with the Austrian flutes. They made the last few weeks here unforgettable. Nice one fellas, and see you in Timbuktu !