I’m getting dizzy. For 2 full weeks we’ve been going up and down southern Ethiopia. We had to go from Addis up north and return. Then, we left Addis to go to Adama and return. And then, we left Addis again to head south to Shashemene and Wondo to return for the flights onwards to Kampala, Uganda.

I’m getting a pain where I never had a window – with Addis Ababa.

A lot has happened since my last post. We’ve been up to Lalibela. (Change the spot me link over to satellite and zoom in). The famous rock hewn St. George church can be seen by satellite – CLICK HERE . We’ve been down to Adama / Nazereth. We’ve been down to Shashemene, the home of Rastafarianism. We’ve been down to Wondo Gennet and relaxed in volcanic springs. And I am also a proud owner of a full colour picture of Haile Salasie’s toliet !

The connections here are CRAP. So, when I get to Uganda (tomorrow) I’ll elaborate a little and upload some pics.