Finally! After over eight long months, Ndovu. We both have looked forward to seeing these majestic creatures for so long. Eventually when we did we were within arms reach and almost underneath them! Our first sighting was on the road up to Tsavo National Park but they were a bit far away. We checked in to the Voi Lodge for our safari and found two herds right below our window. One breeding herd of about twenty and one Askari group of seven. The Askari group all big “Tuskers”. Positively wonderful. And now we could watch them from our balcony. The setting was more than I could of hoped for and it was to get even better.


After lunch we discovered that the lodge had, down a small winding path, a bunker right beside the watering hole where all of the Ndovu came to to drink. We could nearly reach out and touch them. I had a lump in my throat to be finally near these staggering behemoths that have proved incredibly illusive for some time. Now, you could kick a tree and ten of them would fall out. Just deadly.

In about a week afterwards we made it to an orphanage in Nairobi for those Ndovu not quite tough enough to be on their own yet. They had been through a lot but still survived and were going from strength to strength. It was heart wrenching to hear of what they and their parents had to endure but they are Ndovu. Intelligent, strong, fearless, fearsome, command respect and just outright adorable.


Obviously, they are my favourite…