“The Warm Heart of Africa”. And, yes, it really does feel like it. The people here, in Malawi, are truly friendly. Their reputation justified. It could be sensed immediately after crossing the border from Mozambique. So, after a bit of bouncing from town to town and a strange case of an imposter in Blantyre (another story), we have taken up residence on Lake Malawi. The idyllic sounding Gecko Lounge in Cape Maclear is home for a while.

Cape Maclear with Thumbi Island in the background

Cape Maclear with Thumbi Island in the background

Here we followed suit and became lounge room lizards. Slithering from bed to the bar, the restaurant, the lake and back. The cycle only broken by expending intermittent bouts of pent up energy. Such as kayaking, leisurely walks up the beach and all with picnics in tow. We rounded Thumbi Island, stopping at a small bay for some snorkelling, sun bathing and snoozing. To our complete amazement we were to find hundreds of Cichlid fish there. Most of which were quite small but all draped in the most vivid of colours and oddest of shapes. Electric blues, merlot reds, lime greens, lemon yellows and everything in between. Most of which would follow us when swimming and then we would double back to head into the oncoming traffic. It was like swimming in a tropical aquarium. There are supposed to be over 500 species of fish here with at least 350 of them endemic to Lake Malawi. All derived from a handful of “Adam & Eve” fish.

2 Cape Maclear4 Cape Maclear

Nesting Fish Eagles can be spotted in most any large tree with a view to the lake. Constantly they call out to each other, throwing their heads back sounding almost like a Seagull that means business. Akin to the American Bald Eagle except the white plumage continues onto the chest and patches of deep maroon on their breast and wings. They are as beautiful as they are formidable. With their massive wingspan it is here that they grace the skies at their highest concentration in Africa swooping down for a Cichlid feast.

Senga Bay is the destination tomorrow and we expect it will be more of the same. We just have to find the impetus to go there..!