Finally! Back in the bush. And after our “Safari Fiasco” in Kenya it was about time. We arranged a one way cross border trip to South Luangwa National Park from Lilongwe, Malawi. A bunch of us headed off in two 4×4’s. All told the journey was about seven hours and we settled into our safari tent overlooking the Luangwa river in the afternoon. A few of us getting to know each other over a sundowner watching the resident hippos and crocodiles jostle for the last rays of evening warmth.

The next two days started with a chilly early morning rise of 5 a.m. for morning game drive and an evening game drive starting at 4 p.m. The usual suspects were sighted. Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Leopard, Hyaena and a rash of birds. I’m always quite happy to sit in a herd of Elephant but we were not supposed to go off road, so we couldn’t as they didn’t oblige and neither did the guide. Our guide Emmanuel was below average. I kept my reservations about his guiding skills, driving habits and priorities to myself, as I didn’t want to spoil it for the rest of the guys in the car. Speaking of which the people in the car were a really good bunch to be on safari with. A few English girls, a Welch girl, a Finnish chappie, a German (ch-erman!) and of course us two flutes. It was a great mix and we all got along famously! Naturally, I had my safari hat on so I was cracking all the jungle jokes and generally being a safari knob!

GiraffesHippo in a Dress

The other car was full of “the others”. Idle of mind, profused with opinion, childish and just generally not nice. They incurred the wraith of Muni’s full arsenal. They just begged for it anyway. With such outbursts as, “So, are we still in Eye-raq ?” and “Why did we go there in the first place?” – Give me patience!

HyaenaMaribou Storks

So, all round the safari was not a fiasco. Well, maybe 11 cars chasing a female Lion through the bush was thoroughly farcical and calling in a Leopard (on a hunt no less) so that 5 other cars could come and hunt it down was downright laughable, but on the whole, a good ginch.

This time, we thought, it was the people who made it memorable.

Safari Knobs!

Safari Knobs!

Thanks fellas!