Africa the continent of 53 countries has lots of peoples. Or maybe it’s a continent of more than 53 countries depending on if you consider Western Sahara a country or not? How about Sudan, North and South is that one country? The population of Africa as of 2005 is 900 million. Namibia is a massive country but holds one of the lowest population rates per square mile. The population was estimated at over 2 million in 2006 but traveling the country you would think the population is much less.
Whilst driving mile after mile in towns, villages and through crossroads, there was little sign of life anywhere. The environment here does make it one the toughest countries to live in; scorching desert, lack of water, mountain passes, cold ocean breezes and more. The odd donkey was spotted grazing signaling a village nearby or perhaps one or two huts made from corrugated iron sheets. But that’s it.

Fish River CanyonJon, Maria and kidsDeadvlei

I missed the peoples. I had little interaction with the locals, I guess driving in your own vehicle results somewhat in that but there is no public transport here anyhow. There was no craic with the bus boys, no women selling fruit & veggie in markets, in fact no markets, no kids selling freshly roasted peanuts, no-one selling phone recharge, no packets of washing powder at the small corner shop. No street sellers at all. Something strange going on with the few locals I was able to interact with; the white population (generally of German descent) some clearly wondered to themselves why you were talking to them and were blatantly quite rude and unfriendly. The black population clearly wondered to themselves why would a white person be talking to them and looked at you blankly not quite sure whether to joke and laugh with you or not. It is a confusing place I found.

Uniab River Canyon, Skeleton Coast NP

Plenty of fine restaurants, clothes shops, museums, tourist tack curio places of which I visited and enjoyed and spent a fortune in. Incredible but it is just a sign that you are in a ‘different’ African country, more modern and civilised than all others I had visited on this trip. Yes the scenery is better than anywhere else I have ever been, each day brought views better and different than before and for this I loved the country. However I missed the ‘real’ Africa.

Herman The Bushman

And now it’s just me, myself and my ruc-sac (well Jon is with me too) again and I’m happy. No 4×4, no excess baggage like extra duvets and food. Just us, ready to go, proper traveling again. De-sanded, de-fuzzed and clean. South Africa bring it on.