We trundle further and further down the South African west coast. Mountains on one side and the coast on another I feel like we are being willed forward and down hill. Like an unstoppable force upon a slippery object. We hold on tight to take in the wonderfully named Nababeep Namaqualand seasonal flowers. Oranges, purples, whites and blues bursting from the scrubby ground to create a magical carpet. Clanwilliam is such a beautiful town nestled in the foothills of the Cederberg Mountains that we instantaneously want to live here. Drinking fine wines by the roaring fire in a thatched mansion seems like an agreeable plan.

3 Springbok3 Clanwilliam8 Clanwilliam

Suddenly, we find ourselves in Cape Town. Our penultimate landmark town. It’s as if we arrived here by accident. Hang on! Wasn’t this trip supposed to take us ages? This is all too quick – “Lets start again!” my brain tells me. It’s very relaxed and easy going, sort of like Jo’burg but with a conscience, maybe even a set of morals. In fine fettle we settle into a good room and explore this most famous of African cities. With it’s colonial architecture, wide streets and extremely placid residents we fit right in. Having a good ol’ laugh with the trinket sellers who are from all over Africa. Our Swahili being a great source of mirth to some Kenyans.

16 Cape Town20 Cape Town26 Cape Town

Two whole minutes and ten metres after hiring our car we get rear-ended. And outside the car rental office no less. So, naturally our trip up Table Mountain was somewhat subdued. The scenario revised over and over in our heads. The mountain was covered with cloud anyway so there was not much to see. As a consolation we resolved to have a good meal at La Colombe restaurant on the Constantia-Uitsig vineyard in Constantia. To say that this food was the finest we have eaten on the trip would be a severe understatement. Six courses with the most delicious wine to wash it all down. Our spirits lightened somewhat, needless to say. The African Penguins on Boulder Beach also helped the next day, thanks fellas!

32 Penguins at Boulder Beach48 Penguins at Boulder Beach1 Hermanus

After spending a day in Hermanus watching forty tonne Southern Right Whales breach from the freezing water we drive further east. With nervous excitement and mixed emotions we sit in the car. Just metres from our goal. It’s easier to say Cape Town to people but that’s not the most southern tip of Africa. Cape Agulhas is. This has been our end point all along and now we are here. We have come so far south that all there is left is water, Penguins and the Antarctic. We are at the confluence of two of the world’s greatest oceans and slowly we walk.

Flashbacks of the road here are racing through my mind. The people, the places and ever morphing Africa. It looks similar but feels different to that intrepid ferry crossing from Spain. My head is swirling, my emotions are confusing me. It’s good to be here but I want it to be further. I get a, “C-o-m-e on will ye!” from Molly and triumphantly I grab her hand and we saunter to the confluence.

7 Cape Agulhas