We left the Plettenberg Bay area and made for an enchanting town called Hogsback. With its J.R. Tolkien connection the town has an odd feel. Surrounding areas with names such as Hobbiton and Middle Earth. Our accommodation was called “Away with the Fairies”. It too was quirky and somewhat enchanted – sort of!

2 Hogsback

Yet again we were frustrated by a bank holiday weekend in visiting a game reserve. This time it was Kruger. As the quotas had been reached we were refused entry. Undaunted we continued to the Blyde River Canyon the next day only to find more of the same, except worse. The traffic was unbearable. We took consolation at the Three Rondvels and headed for Johannesburg.

Groot Marico was a quick stop over on the way to our holy grail, Madikwe. Let me explain what Madikwe means to us. When the days and nights got hard we kept telling ourselves “Madikwe!”. When the hotel room was flea ridden and the food was dire we kept telling ourselves “Madikwe!”. When it all got too much we kept telling ourselves “Madikwe!”.

1 Wild DogLilac Breasted Roller2 Wild Dog

We knew Madikwe (from a previous trip) had giant earthy well thought out lodges with fluffy king size beds and pillows, an out door shower with a view, beautiful food, attentive service, game drives and all nestled in the bush. It has been our Mecca ever attracting us from the start and it didn’t disappoint. Especially once I finally got to see Wild Dog.

Our pictures just dont do the lodge justice so CLICK HERE for more info.

The African Safari is now officially over. Flights off this great continent booked. But to where? Watch this space…