I don’t know where we pulled this destination out of but the anticipation was killing me. I’d never been to the Middle East before and it held so much mystery and allure I was licking my lips with anticipation. I had known of Petra and had always wanted to go to Wadi Rum and this was my chance. The opportunity to return to another Arabic and Islamic culture I looked forward to as I find them well tempered and easy going. We did a fair amount of research and as the country is so small we should get to see all the things we want without too many hours in the car.

First stop was Madaba as Amman, the capital, is just another city whereas Madaba was supposedly quieter and more central to our needs. We spent a few days ambling around and getting reinvigorated by being in completely different surroundings again. We quickly got some spices for ourselves and met a very nice and insightful shop owner called Joseph. Hommous and falafel abound Molly was delighted with Jordanian life. The plan now was to devise a route and hit the road. Naturally, the Dead Sea was on the hit list. Molly had been before in Israel and knew what to expect, I on the other hand, knew only that I would definitely float. So, we stayed in a community run place with a Sirocco wind howling at night right on the waters edge at 140 metres below sea level. The following day, and for the first time, we went bouldering up to a waterfall. We loved it, especially in this heat.

Next up was Dana Nature reserve. We believed that there was some good hiking trails to be explored and a beautiful little village worth staying in. When we eventually found it we ended up staying for a few days more than anticipated as it was so quiet and the local chappies a delight to be around. With the wild Juniper, Sage and Thyme the smell alone of this place was keeping us but there was yet more to see. We did also come across some Striped Hyena tracks which excited me no end. Disappointingly, I didn’t see any though. Maybe we’d get to see some Arabian Oryx in Wadi Rum.

We had fallen in love with Jordan within hours. The things to do and see in this small country were endless. I love the desert and Jordan was brimming with it.