So, north to Al Azraq and the black desert. This place only really interested me as it was near the Iraqi border as well as some castles in the Black Desert. The road seemed to get slicker the further we went. Maybe it was the oil moving in the tankers in the opposite direction or maybe it was just the rubber melting off the tyres, I couldn’t tell. We stayed in a converted military hospital and for some reason there was an old Land Rover in the foyer. It was in great nick though.


Desert Castle

We moved east to Jerash and it’s Roman ruins. We arrived at the ruins to find the sound of bag pipes bellowing out and there we find Jordanian Bag Pipers. very odd. We ambled about but all I could think of was about the people before me who drove their chariots along this ground. It felt so historic.


Jerash DSCF8168

Soon afterwards we headed back to Madaba. The two weeks here have be joys for us. the people very easy going, understanding, tolerant, open, welcoming and most friendly. There is so so much to do in Jordan and it did not disappoint in any way. The food is excellent, beer a little expensive and accommodation average but I think Molly was going to over load on Falafel. The wine and spices were also excellent. For me the middle east deserves more exploration. We agreed Jordan was one of the bets holidays we had ever had, just incredible…