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And the Bunny is Running…

Almost there…nearly done…the packs are ready…and at 15KG each they seem alot heavier!

It’s scary to think that you can fit your whole life in a 45 litre pack. The amount of planning required has been incredible. We’ve battled a constant sense that something has been overlooked. Awaking with a start early each morning to tick the day’s list off. Clothes, tablets, insurance, bookings, ferries, flights, friends, drinks, phone calls, bills check check check…
But thankfully, it’s mostly done. Only pints and friends left…the best bit.

So its off down the pub to get a few pints in to say “see ye after!”. Repack tomorrow and make sure everything that’s not essential is removed. Have dinner with me Dad and have an argument for posterity’s sake. Put the rest of the stuff away into the attic and intrepidly drive to …..Cabinteely! Say SYA to Jeanne’s family and hit the airport early Tuesday morn.

So, with a sense of trepidation and uncertainty off we go. I suppose the next post you see here will be, I expect, from sunny Tetouan in Morocco.


p.s. nice one Fido for yer text….saying things only you know how to say FELLA !

Almost There

In the desert in Morocco

In the desert in Morocco

For those of you who don’t know our nicknames, yes this is Jeanne and Jon’s blog!!!!

We have both finished work at last!! Work surpised me proper with a leaving surprise on Thursday which completly got me. Pints and goodbyes were had in The Bernard Shaw in town on Friday. Feeling excited, sad, nervous all at once but kinda just want to go now.

So off Tuesday week, the 15th and in the meantime I have to sell my car, sort out travel insurance, get waxed!, have many coffees, lunches and pints, a million and one other things and then we’ll be off.


Good Omens

Just a quick post after some good news today.

On Monday I registered with 98FM for their “Smile” competition. How it works is they pay for something that will make you smile. I texted in mentioning our African trip and that I’d like them to pay for the “Spot” tracker. (links will be here)

I then got a call from a colleague in work that my name was mentioned on 98FM and to call them. I had won !!
They liked my story, I gave a quick interview on what we were doing and they awarded me €160 to pay for the setup of the Spot tracker.

Whooo Hoooo !!!

It’s the first time I’ve won anything and am delighted…. It couldn’t of come at a better time.

I hope this bodes well for the trip; good omens all around…!


The Gig is On…!

So the decision has been made, we’re going to Africa – the long way down!

It’s been a long time coming and the whole trip may of been put off until Jeanne got the good news about her kidneys. I know, probably more than anyone, that you’ve got to watch out for those kidneys! So without impediment we are full steam ahead, albeit a week or two behind the original schedule. And all of the original preparation and research was not in vain.

I even attended French lessons !! Which were a bit of fun I might add. Alors, mon Français n’est pas trop mal !

So, over the next few weeks alot must be done in preparation for our mammoth journey.

1. Hand in notice with my job – yahoo!!!! what a relief.
2. Move out of the apartment in Step-A-Side – will be sad to leave as it’s a cool apartment.
3. Get travel medication and insurance sorted.
4. Get one way flights sorted to Malaga – starting point.
5. Confirm the route with Jeanne – Pretty much done but needs finalisation – kinda…plans change.

It doesn’t seem like alot but there are alot of minor tasks in between that I’m sure will cause hassle and delays.

The route will be in the next post…