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Dublin to Chefchaouen

Everything seemed to go like clockwork. The flight was on time, got to the bus station in Malaga easily enough (but then realised that Jeanne’s camera had been lifted… splitters !). The 3 hour journey down to Algeciras took us down the coast through the holiday towns of Feungerola, Torre Molinos and Marbella. I’m delighted that I did not have the misfortune of ever going there on jolliers, as it really does look like “Ballymun in the Sun”. We checked into the “Almar” hotel in preparation for the 9 am sailing to Tanger the next morn.

The sailing was a bit bumpy to start. Most people were walking about as if they had a few pints on them! The bus station was right outside, and once we figured out the time, we waited for the bus to Tetouan. The bus ride to Tetouan was cool enough but towards the end the stunning Rif Mountains revealed themselves. Our hotel, the “Panorama Vista”, was fine but our “vista” was the stairs and not the mountains… pants!

The next day off to Chefchaouen. Andalucian style buildings of bright white and pastal blues. Very pretty. It’s our new home for two days. And well deserved think as we were knackered. But to our delight there were five weddings outside our hotel and did not get a wink of sleep. So, today a few siesta’s will be had…

Pastal Streets with Vines Overhead
Pastel Streets with Vines Overhead


I’m a bit sweaty

I think that the above is going to be my new phrase for the year!!! We are not even in the Desert and it’s bleedin roasting!!!

The ferry to Tangier was rough to start with sick bags being handed out but thankfully didnt need them.  Then took a few hours to figure out the time difference between Spain and Morocco; but after waiting for a bus for yonks eventually figured it out.  The first town Tetouan in the middle of the Rif mountains was nothing to be excited about except for all the fruit and veg in the markets, you know me always thinking of my belly.

Today we arrived in a town called Chefcehouan about 2 hours south east of Tangier.  Laid back, hot and little to do and see but to chill out.  Takes time to adjust to doing nothing but little naps will sort that out. We’re here until Saturday and then oonto Fez and then all i want is a beach and some sand.

That’s it for today, thought i’d better write something or i’d be in trouble with the lot of you!